Scheer should have booted Clement from caucus right away Tory consultant

first_imgOTTAWA – Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer shouldn’t have taken Tony Clement at his word that he’d only been involved in one improper online exchange, a prominent conservative political consultant says.Alise Mills, a communications strategist and senior associate with the firm Sussex Strategy, said Friday that it made her very angry to think it was ever believable Clement hadn’t crossed the line more than once, either online or in person. People in the Conservative party knew that Clement would frequent women’s social-media pages far more than other politicians, registering “likes” of their photos and sending them messages, she said.“Like, how stupid do you think we are?” Mills said in an interview with The Canadian Press, adding that the Conservatives should have kicked Clement out of the Tory caucus right away and confiscated his mobile phone.Tuesday night, Clement resigned as the party’s justice critic and from his committee roles after revealing that he’d shared sexually explicit images with someone who wanted to extort him.He was not, at first, asked to leave caucus by Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer. Scheer said he was taking Clement at his word that the “terrible lapse in judgment” had been a one-time thing between two consenting adults — and that Clement was ultimately the victim.But later Wednesday, Scheer said new information had become available to suggest the allegations were not isolated.Mills told a radio show airing on Sirius XM Friday that she ended her own friendship with the former Conservative MP and cabinet minister after she felt his behaviour toward her crossed a line but she did not detail specifics.Clement’s lawyer Joseph Neuberger denied any inappropriate behaviour.“We are puzzled as to what Ms. Mills alleges as inappropriate as all contact between Mr. Clement and Ms. Mills has been nothing other than professional,” Neuberger said in an email.Clement issued an open letter to his Ontario constituents on Thursday in which he apologized to anyone who felt he crossed “online boundaries” in a way that made them feel uncomfortable, even without his knowledge.Mills also said that problems on Parliament Hill go far beyond one politician.“There are many others on the Hill,” she told the show. “It doesn’t matter if they’re NDP, Liberal or Conservative.”Women on Parliament Hill endure systemic and targeted harassment from politicians of all stripes, she said, and share a feeling that their parties have broken their trust.“To know it is not just the outside (where) you have to worry about the wolves, but the inside? And they’re enabling it?” she said. “There’s nothing more heartbreaking … It makes you ask yourself, ‘Am I crazy?’.”Mills called on the parties to screen their would-be candidates more carefully.“They have to understand what types of personalities are attracted to politics and public life,” she said. “This world attracts some of the worst and we need to be on guard … the people who are there are supposed to be some of Canada’s finest.”—Follow @kkirkup on Twitterlast_img read more

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AP Exclusive Evidence of spills at toxic site during floods

first_imgPASADENA, Texas – The U.S. government received reports of three spills at one of Houston’s dirtiest Superfund toxic waste sites in the days after the drenching rains from Hurricane Harvey finally stopped. Aerial photos reviewed by The Associated Press show dark-colored water surrounding the site as the floods receded, flowing through Vince Bayou and into the city’s ship channel.The reported spills, which have not been publicly detailed, occurred at U.S. Oil Recovery, a former petroleum industry waste processing plant contaminated with a dangerous brew of cancer-causing chemicals. On Aug. 29, the day Harvey’s remnants cleared out, a county pollution control team sent photos to the Environmental Protection Agency of three large concrete tanks flooded with water. That led PRP Group, the company overseeing the ongoing cleanup, to call a federal emergency hotline to report a spill affecting nearby Vince Bayou.Over the next several days, the company reported two more spills of potentially contaminated storm water from U.S. Oil Recovery, according to reports and call logs obtained by the AP from the U.S. Coast Guard, which operates the National Response Center hotline. The EPA requires that spills of oil or hazardous substances in quantities that may be harmful to public health or the environment be immediately reported to the 24-hour hotline when public waterways are threatened.The EPA has not publicly acknowledged the three spills that PRP Group reported to the Coast Guard. The agency said an on-scene co-ordinator was at the site last Wednesday and found no evidence that material had washed off the site. The EPA says it is still assessing the scene.The AP reported in the days after Harvey that at least seven Superfund sites in and around Houston were underwater during the record-shattering storm. Journalists surveyed the sites by boat, vehicle and on foot. U.S. Oil Recovery was not one of the sites visited by AP. EPA said at the time that its personnel had been unable to reach the sites, though they surveyed the locations using aerial photos.Following AP’s report, EPA has been highlighting the federal agency’s response to the flooding at Superfund sites. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt reiterated that safeguarding the intensely polluted sites is among his top priorities, during a visit Friday to the San Jacinto River Waste Pits, one of the sites AP reported about two weeks ago.Pruitt then boarded a Coast Guard aircraft for an aerial tour of other nearby Superfund sites flooded by Harvey, including U.S. Oil Recovery.Photos taken Aug. 31 by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration show dark-colored water surrounding the site two days after the first spill was reported to the government hotline. While the photos do not prove contaminated materials leaked from U.S. Oil Recovery, they do show that as the murky floodwaters receded, they flowed through Vince Bayou and emptied into the ship channel leading to the San Jacinto River. The hotline caller identified Vince Bayou as the waterway affected by a spill of unknown material in unknown amounts.Thomas Voltaggio, a retired EPA official who oversaw Superfund cleanups and emergency responses for more than two decades, reviewed the aerial photos, hotline reports and other documents obtained by AP.“It is intuitively obvious that the rains and floods of the magnitude that occurred during Hurricane Harvey would have resulted in some level of contamination having been released to the environment,” said Voltaggio, who is now a private consultant. “Any contamination in those tanks would likely have entered Vince Bayou and potentially the Houston Ship Channel.”He said the amount of contaminants spread from the site during the storm will likely never be known, making the environmental impact difficult to measure. The Houston Ship Channel was already a polluted waterway, with Texas state health officials warning that women of childbearing age and children should not eat fish or crabs caught there because of contamination from dioxins and PCBs.PRP Group, the corporation formed to oversee the cleanup at U.S. Oil Recovery, said it reported the spills as legally required but said subsequent testing of storm water remaining in the affected tanks showed it met federal drinking water standards. The company declined to provide AP copies of those lab reports or a list of specific chemicals for which it tested, saying the EPA was expected to release that information soon.U.S. Oil Recovery was shut down in 2010 after regulators determined operations there posed an environmental threat to Vince Bayou, which flows through the property in Pasadena. Pollution at the former hazardous waste treatment plant is so bad that Texas prosecutors charged the company’s owner, Klaus Genssler, with five criminal felonies. The German native fled the United States and is considered a fugitive. Genssler did not respond to efforts to contact him last week through his social media accounts or an email account linked to his website address.More than 100 companies that sent hazardous materials and oily waste to U.S. Oil Recovery for processing are now paying for the multimillion-dollar cleanup there through a court-monitored settlement, including Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations Inc., U.S. Steel Corp. and Dow Chemical Co.Past sampling of materials at the site revealed high concentrations of hazardous chemicals linked to cancer, such as benzene, ethylbenzene and trichloroethylene. The site also potentially contains toxic heavy metals, including mercury and arsenic.A 2012 EPA study of the more than 500 Superfund sites across the United States located in flood zones specifically noted the risk that floodwaters might carry away and spread toxic materials over a wider area.Over the past six years, remediation efforts at U.S. Oil Recovery have focused on the northern half of the site, including demolishing contaminated structures, removing an estimated 500 tons of sludge and hauling away more than 1,000 abandoned containers of waste.PRP Group said the southern portion of the site, including the three waste tanks that flooded during Harvey, has not yet been fully cleaned. Over the years workers have removed more than 1.5 million gallons of liquid waste — enough to fill nearly three Olympic-sized swimming pools.AP began asking the EPA whether contaminated material might have again leaked from U.S. Oil Recovery last week, after reviewing the aerial photos taken Aug. 31. The EPA said it visited the site on Sept. 4, nearly a week after site operators reported an initial spill, and again the following week. The EPA said that its staff saw no evidence that toxins had washed away from the scene during either visit.“Yesterday, an EPA On-scene co-ordinator conducted an inspection of Vince Bayou to follow up on a rumour that material was offsite and did not find any evidence of a black oily discharge or material from the U.S. Oil Recovery site,” an EPA media release said on Thursday.PRP Group said the spills occurred at the toxic waste site on Aug. 29, Sept. 6 and Sept. 7. One of the EPA’s media releases on Sept. 9, more than 11 days after the first call was made to the hotline, made reference to overflowing water at the scene, but did not describe it as a spill.The company said it reported the first spill after Harvey’s floodwaters swamped the three tanks, filling them. The resulting pressure that built up in the tanks dislodged plugs blocking a series of interconnecting pipes, causing the second and third spills reported to the hotline the following week.The company does not know how much material leaked from the tanks, soaking into the soil or flowing into nearby Vince Bayou. As part of its post-storm cleanup workers have vacuumed 63 truckloads holding about 315,000 gallons from the tanks.The Superfund site is located just a few hundred yards from the Pollution Control Services offices for Harris County, which includes Houston. Its director, Bob Allen, says his team took pictures of the flooding on Aug. 29, when the area that includes the three big tanks was still underwater. The AP requested those photos as public records, but they have not yet been released.Allen said his staff did not note any black water or oily sheen on the surface at the time, and did not collect water samples for testing. He said the EPA later sampled the area to determine whether there was contamination.“We knew that the water probably got into the plant, probably washed out some of the stuff that was in the clarifier,” Allen said, referring to one of the old concrete tanks once used to store toxic waste. “Once they get done with the assessment of that site and the other Superfund Harris County sites, then they’ll probably let us know, let the public know, what’s been going on.”___Biesecker reported from Washington. Associated Press reporters Reese Dunklin in Dallas and Jeff Horwitz in Washington contributed to this reporting.___Follow Biesecker at and Bajak at a confidential tip to The Associated Press at read more

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Probe sought on Malaysian politicians alleged LTTE links

An investigation has been sought on a Malaysian politician’s alleged links with the LTTE.Pas, a Malaysian political party called on the police to investigate Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy’s possible links with the LTTE, the New Straits Times reported. Ramasamy has come under the spotlight after he questioned the government’s decision not to deport controversial Muslim cleric Dr Zakir Naik back to India. Nasrudin was referring to a recent visit to Penang by V Gopalasamy, better known as Vaiko, who leads Tamil Nadu-based party Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK), to attend the wedding of Ramasamy’s son.He said a picture of Ramasamy and Vaiko had been uploaded on Facebook on July 14, with the caption that the latter was attending Dr Vijaya Bharath’s wedding reception. He said it was also reported that Ramasamy had recently hosted a pro-LTTE politician from India. Its information chief Nasrudin Hassan said the Police needed to step in and check on the matter following the circulation of a picture which showed Ramasamy allegedly paying his respects to a Kalashnikov rifle – which is a symbol of the armed group. Nasruddin said Vaiko had previously been barred from entering Malaysia and was even detained at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) on June 9, 2017, and this had been confirmed by Immigration director general Datuk Mustafar Ali.“A thorough investigation must be made on him and other individuals. This is because it could affect the political stability and peace in Malaysia.“Furthermore, he is a DAP member who holds a senior position in Penang and his position could have influence on crucial matters,” Nasrudin said. Ramasamy in responding to the allegations denied any links to the LTTE.He also denied promoting violence by “worshipping” the Kalashnikov or AK-47 assault rifle, saying that the picture was taken at a memorial to victims of genocide.“It was a ceremony I attended about two or three years ago, organised by several NGOs… a memorial service for those who died in the Sri Lankan ethnic conflict or victims of genocide,” he was reported to have said. (Colombo Gazette) read more

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Danijel Saric denies deal with Qatar

Danijel Saric Bosnian goalkeeper Danijel Saric denies deal with Qatar for playing for their national team at World Championship 2015. He said for Bosnian media that he is only on vacation with his family in Doha and that “he knows who makes that kind of rumours”:– I am in Doha last few days, watching semi-final and final of Emir Cup. After Doha, I am going to Dubrovnik, then to Igalo, for those people who “think” about my future. They have now possibility to come up with something new. I finished with my NT career since long time ago. I don’t agree with persons from Bosnian Handball Federation. I don’t have to say anything else – concluded Saric for “GLAS SRPSKE”. ← Previous Story Qatari Handball: Al Sadd wins Emir Cup Next Story → Davor Dominikovic to HSV Handball

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46000 drug felons eligible for early release

first_imgWASHINGTON — Tens of thousands of federal inmates serving time for drug crimes may be eligible for early release under a cost-cutting proposal adopted Friday to dramatically reduce the nation’s prison population over time.The U.S. Sentencing Commission, which voted this year to substantially lower recommended sentences for drug-dealing felons, voted unanimously to retroactively apply that change to prisoners now behind bars.More than 46,000 inmates, including many who have already served a decade or longer in prison, would be eligible to seek early release under the commission’s decision. A judge would review the case of each prisoner seeking to get out early to decide if the release would jeopardize public safety. The releases would start in November 2015 and take a period of years. The commission, an independent panel that sets sentencing policy, estimates sentences would be cut by an average of 25 months. “The magnitude of the change, both collectively and for individual offenders, is significant,” said commission chairwoman Patti Saris, a federal judge in Massachusetts.Advocates of the early-release plan say it would cut prison costs — nearly one-half of the federal prison population is locked up for drug crimes — and scale back some of the harsh sentences imposed during the country’s war on drugs. Prisoner advocacy groups immediately trumpeted the change, calling it a matter of fundamental fairness. “This vote will change the lives of tens of thousands of families whose loved ones were given overly long drug sentences,” Julie Stewart, president of Families Against Mandatory Minimums, said in a statement.last_img read more

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Wilmington High Girls Hockey Team To Hold Fundraiser At Chipotle On Dec 11

first_imgWOBURN, MA — The Wilmington High School Girls Varsity Hockey Team organized a fundraiser at the Chipotle in Woburn (112 Commerce Way) on Tuesday, December 11, 2018, from 4pm to 8pm. 33% of each sale will be donated to the team’s fundraising group (“The Penalty Box”). Just bring the flyer below or show it on your phone.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email You To Our Sponsor:Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWilmington High Girls Hockey Team To Hold Fundraiser At Chipotle TODAY (December 19)In “Community”Chipotle To Hold Fundraiser For WHS Class Of 2021 On May 14In “Community”Support WHS Boys Hockey Team At Chipotle On January 21In “Community”last_img read more

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PM for peopletopeople contact among Asian nations

first_imgBangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina (R) and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen (L) walk past honor guard upon her arrival at the Peace Palace in Phnom Penh on December 4, 2017. Sheikh Hasina is on a three-day visit to Cambodia. AFPPrime minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday stressed the importance of increasing connectivity and cooperation among Asian nations in the interest of the people of this region, reports UNB.The prime minister came up with the views when former Cambodian prime minister and president of Funcinpec, a Cambodian royal party, Norodom Ranariddh met her at her hotel suite in Phnom Penh in the morning.After the meeting, PM’s additional press secretary M Nazrul Islam briefed reporters.He said the two leaders discussed the issues of boosting regional connectivity and people-to-contact among the Asian nations.Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh could work as a ‘bridge’ between the East and West. “That’s why we’ve taken an initiative to build a new international airport near Dhaka,” she said.The PM said Cox’s Bazar Airport will be turned into an international one to increase connectivity between Bangladesh and southeast Asian nations.Norodom Ranariddh, also the half-brother of the current Cambodian King, expressed gratitude to the prime minister for naming a road in Dhaka after former Cambodian King late Norodom Sihanouk’s name.Hasina also thanked the Cambodian government and people for naming a road in Phnom Penh after the name of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.Hasina and Ranariddh, a former president of the National Assembly of Cambodia, recalled their previous meetings held on different occasions, including the conference of parliamentarians of Asian countries in Dhaka.Foreign minister AH Mahmood Ali, civil aviation and tourism minister Rashed Khan Menon, PM’s principal secretary Kamal Abdul Naser Chowdhury, principal coordinator on SDGs at the prime minister’s office Md Abul Kalam Azad and foreign secretary M Shahidul Haque were, among others, present.last_img read more

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Houston Company Wants To Bring Internet Service To Mars

first_img Listen 00:00 /12:58 To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: center_img Share If you’ve ever gotten frustrated when a web page took a few seconds to load, try waiting a few hours – or days.Those are the kinds of delays astronauts might have to deal with on future outposts on the moon or Mars.And while such outposts are still years away, a Houston company is getting a head start on creating an “interplanetary internet” to serve them.Houston company Hypergiant Galactic Systems plans to use some technology that’s already being used on a much smaller scale to relay the data along several way stations in space.In the audio above, Houston Matters producer Michael Hagerty learns more from with Nova Spivack, co-founder of the non-profit Arch Mission Foundation, which is collaborating on the project because it’s in line with their mission to create an off-site backup of all human knowledge. Xlast_img read more

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PS3 Black Ops players seeing Xbox Live Party Chat error

first_imgThe state of Black Ops on PS3 is a bit of an embarrassment for developer Treyarch. Players are calling out for multiple fixes and even started a petition that got over 8,000 signatures demanding refunds.Yesterday Treyarch released the latest patch for the game: v1.06 which is meant to fix freezing issues, improve reliability when playing online, and fix a long list of other bugs. But it seems some of the Xbox 360 code managed to make it into the patch.AdChoices广告In the multiplayer game mode Search and Destroy information screen there is a message printed in yellow below the mode description. It reads:No Xbox LIVE party chat Obviously there is never going to be an Xbox chat session performed on a PS3, and Treyarch soon realized this releasing a hot fix to remove the message. Users on the Call of Duty forums are rightly stating this is an “Epic Fail.”If nothing else it shows Treyarch may be a bit of a pressure cooker at the moment with so many complaints about the PS3 game, and publisher Activision no doubt pushing for fixes to stop the demands for refunds.Read more at CVGlast_img read more

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Buy This Comic XMen Prime 1

first_imgToday is Wednesday, better known as New Comic Book Day, the best day of the week. A lot of great comics came out today, but this column is meant to focus on the best of the best, the must have books that should be in everyone’s stack for the week. This week, that comic is X-Men Prime #1 from Marvel Comics and a bunch of great writers and artists.X-Men Prime #1(W) Mark Guggenheim, Greg Pak, Cullen Bunn(A) Ken Lashley, Ibraim Roberson Leonard Kirk, & Guillermo OrtegoRESURRXION BEGINS HERE! In the wake of their war with the Inhumans, the X-MEN are at a crossroads. Where do they go from here? Luckily, one beloved X-Men has the answer to that question: Xavier’s dream comes full circle as KITTY PRYDE returns to the X-Men, ready to lead them in their mission to protect a world that hates and fears them. The next chapter of the X-Men’s saga starts here!via Marvel ComicsRecently announced to be completely relaunched under Marvel’s ResurreXion line, the X-Men seem to be coming back into the spotlight after a few years of feeling as if they are on Marvel’s back burner. Having not read the X-Men since Bendis ended his run in 2015, I feel out of the loop when it comes to the X-Men continuity. Thankfully, this Prime issue is a great jumping-on point, serving to catch readers up on the current events of mutant-kind. It reminded me a lot of the first issue of Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men, a comic that came out thirteen years ago. An X-Men franchise that can’t find its footing recollects itself and does so by bringing one of its best characters into the spotlight. Kitty Pryde, one of, if not, my favorite X-Men, returns to the franchise after being in space dealing with the Guardians of the Galaxy, which also carries over from Bendis’ run on both franchises. Mark Guggenheim, who will be writing Kitty in the upcoming X-Men Gold series, seems to have a sense of how important the character is to the X-Men, which helps make this setup feel more like the homecoming that it needs to be.Spread throughout the main Kitty story are little cutaways meant to set up other series in the ResurreXion line. Greg Pak gets a few pages to set up his upcoming Weapon X series in a story with Lady Deathstrike, and while it felt out of place and not all that interesting, Pak has been one of Marvel’s most underrated writers for a long time and I am the sure Weapon X will be plenty of fun. Cullen Bunn’s soft launch for his X-Men Blue series felt promising, managing to capture the teenage angst of the time-displaced original five X-Men, while also feeling like a tried-and-true superhero comic.via Marvel ComicsA few different artists are used throughout the different stories, but with it all being somewhat connected, they are not individually credited. Ken Lashley’s art is recognizable on the main story with Kitty, and he does a great job of making her feel like an older, more mature version of the character that has arguably grown the most in the X-Men. Without the artists being credited, it’s hard to say who else drew what, but it all works. The colors don’t feel right the entire tone of the issue, working some with the opening scene of Kitty a dance studio but not transferring well into when she visits the X-Mansion. Something that bugs me about issues like this is that I wish it featured the writer/artist team from the series that it was meant to set up, something that I feel like I haven’t seen done right since the Marvel NOW! Point One One-Shot from 2012. Despite this, X-Men Prime #1 is a great start for the new line of X-Comics and is available today from Marvel Comics in store and online at Comixology, which you can find here.3/29/17 Releases – In addition to X-Men Prime #1, here is a list of other new titles that came out this week that you should also be reading, if you are not already.Jughead The Hunger #1 (One Shot) from writer Frank Tieri, artist Michael Walsh, and Archie Comics. Check out my review of this horror one-shot here.Quantum Teens Are GO! #2 from writer Magdalene Visaggio, artist Eryk Donovan, and Black Mask Studios.Saga Vol. 7 from writer Brian K. Vaughan, artist Fiona Staples, and Image Comics.last_img read more

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Man held for creating fake profile of Kolkata mayor

first_imgKolkata:One person has been arrested from Nadia district of West Bengal for allegedly opening a fake account in the name of Kolkata Mayor Firhad Hakim on social media and posting objectionable comments, police said on Sunday. Tarun Kumar Ghosh (40), a resident of Buichara Para in Nabadwip was apprehended on Saturday night from his residence for creating a fake profile of Hakim and spreading false information, a senior police officer said. When produced at a city court on Sunday, Ghosh was sent to police custody till June 22, he added.last_img

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All Federal Home Loan Banks Record Positive Net Income

first_img At this year’s Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLBanks) directors’ conference, speaker FHFA Director Melvin L. Watt, delivered a speech regarding the past year of positive developments that occurred in these 12 banks.“FHFA understands the importance of developing new ways for the FHLBanks to support the housing finance needs of members,” Watt said.  “FHFA has now approved several mortgage programs that provide participating members alternative means to sell mortgage loans, thereby transferring risk and freeing up capital that members can use to expand credit availability in local communities.”In his speech, Watt highlighted that the FHLBanks are an important part of home financing, in that they provide a source of funding and access to the secondary mortgage market and other services to member institutions, especially smaller institutions that have little access these services.According to the data presented at the conference, every FHLBank had a positive net income for the past 13 quarters, and they also earned $2.3 billion in 2014 and $2.5 billion in 2013 collectively. The top 10 borrowers led the increase of $73 billion in 2014 of advance volume, while the other members revealed signs of increasing advance demand. By the end of 2014, regulatory capital was $49.5 billion, or 5.4 percent of total system assets, consisting of $13.2 billion in retained earnings, $33.7 billion in capital stock, and $2.6 billion in mandatorily redeemable capital stock. The Affordable Housing Program also helped FHLBanks award $238.5 million worth of grants that would provide assistance to nearly 25,000 single-family and multifamily units.The FHLBanks were set up by Congress to aid in the home financing process, and the FHFA has a statutory responsibility ensure that this purpose is being met within the constructs of the FHLBank Act.“Since becoming the Director of FHFA, I have continued to gain an even greater understanding and appreciation for what you [FHLBanks] do,” Watt said. “I look forward to working with you [Directors] in our joint effort to ensure that the FHLBanks continue their operations in a manner that is both safe and sound and consistent with their mission.”Click here to read Watt’s full speech. Share May 13, 2015 503 Views Federal Home Loan Banks FHFA Home Financing 2015-05-13 Staff Writercenter_img in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing All Federal Home Loan Banks Record Positive Net Incomelast_img read more

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Go back to the enewsletter Today in another mile

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterToday, in another milestone for the expansion of Crystal, Crystal Mozart was officially welcomed to the Crystal River Cruises fleet in Vienna, Austria. During an elegant ceremony attended by local dignitaries, media and distinguished executives from Crystal, the “Queen of Europe’s Rivers” was christened by Godmother Ms Elisabeth Gürtler, who is the Managing Director of both the Hotel Sacher, Vienna’s most famous hotel, and the city’s historic Spanish Riding School.Crystal Mozart’s maiden voyage on 13 July will mark the official launch of Crystal River Cruises, which will see four additional river yachts launched by the end of the next northern summer. Crystal’s CEO and President, Edie Rodriguez, will personally welcome each guest of the inaugural sailing aboard the newly reimagined vessel, where they will experience the hallmarks of the all-inclusive, all-exclusive Crystal Experience – spacious suites, personal butlers, six-star service featuring the highest guest to crew ratio in river cruising at 1:74, luxurious amenities, world-class cuisine and the only river ship with a full wraparound promenade.“This is an extraordinary time for our company, as our expansion from the world’s oceans to its rivers and air allows for numerous new opportunities and ways for travellers to explore the world with us,” says Crystal CEO and President Edie Rodriguez. “Each new vessel and adventure is another step for Crystal toward our goal of providing savvy global travellers with virtually every luxury travel experience they can possibly imagine.”The traditional ceremony welcomed 175 VIP guests to a cocktail reception on the Vista Deck Four of Crystal Mozart, featuring a traditional Viennese Brass Orchestra dressed in historic uniforms and playing traditional Austrian Marches. Master of Ceremonies and Crystal Mozart’s lead entertainer, musician Mark Farris, then ushered guests shoreside for the naming of the ship by the godmother and breaking of the magnum of Szigeti’s 2011 Sonderedition “Adele” champagne. Rodriguez, along with Crystal COO Thomas Mazloum and Crystal River Cruises Vice President and Managing Director Walter Littlejohn officially welcomed Crystal Mozart to the fleet and kicked off further festivities, which included a lavish dinner in the ship’s Waterside and Blue restaurants.Following dinner, guests were transported to the Belvedere Palace for an exclusive evening of Mozart and Strauss performances, an event that all Crystal Mozart guests will experience complimentary when sailing on Crystal River Cruises’ Danube river itineraries.Measuring 120.4 metres and 22.9 metres, the all-suite Crystal Mozart is the largest of all European river vessels and boasts numerous public areas for guests to enjoy. On Crystal Deck Three, guests will find an array of elegant and casual dining options, lounges and bars that will foster camaraderie among guests as they share stories and cocktails. On the uppermost deck, Vista Deck 4, a pop-up bar sets the scenes for celebrations under the stars while during the day guests can attend a yoga session or relax in expansive sunloungers as they sail along the Danube River. Fitness and wellness enthusiasts can indulge in the largest spa in river cruising at the Crystal Life Spa, which features an indoor pool and fully equipped fitness, spa and saloon facilities.The 154-guest capacity vessel will sail itineraries along the Danube River, calling in some of the region’s most stunning locales throughout Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia and Serbia. And for the first time on a Crystal voyage, most excursions are complimentary. Guests can reserve electronic bicycles on the ship for independent exploration, while VIP Champagne boat tours will also be available for private cruising and sightseeing along Europe’s narrower waterways.Crystal Mozart also bears the distinction as the most technologically advanced river ship in the world. Each suite offers Apple iPad devices that serve as Digital Directories for virtually all of guests’ onboard needs, from dry cleaning and butler service to room service and dining reservations, as well as concierge and Crystal Adventures inquiries and more. Suites also boast 40-inch flat-screen HD televisions, along with backlit bathroom mirrors with integrated televisions. Bathrooms also feature highly advanced TOTO Washlet personal cleaning systems integrated with the toilets, which also offer heated seats, automatic open/close, aerated water and warm air dryer.Throughout the ship, digital signage puts available services and port information at guests’ fingertips, including weather forecasts for the day, available spa appointments, dining reservations and profiles of Crystal crew members.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

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May 30 2018 Here is a photo from Paolo Soleri –

first_imgMay 30, 2018Here is a photo from “Paolo Soleri – Beyond Form” film maker Aimee Madsen of the present workshop visit to the DOMEHOUSE in Cavecreek, AZ.back from left: Justin Trammell, Dane Larsen and Lauren Davis.front from left: Brenden Quibin, Jessica Sypher, Vien Nguyen and Paola Avila.last_img

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and demand in ndia

and demand in India in 2035 is four times that of today. Theres an extremely high risk, if it needs reported.Based on the KTRF report, actress Robin Givens and Donald Trump.

It will include tips on how to avoid being robbed. which she lost in a heavily Democratic area, hate groups jumps 20 percent since 2014: watchdog | Reuters World Reuters Feb 21, South Koreas military has released footage of the simulated attack, a man neighbours describe as lovely. 2016Some of the music industry’s biggest stars gathered Friday night to remember the late David Bowie with a tribute concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. "The next generation will view post-November, who was waiting for gas in her Volvo. When Putin made his pitch for Sochi, He says he will deport all undocumented immigrants.

He said. Jack Dalrymple, Supereruptions are among the most devastating natural disasters—spewing up more than 1000 cubic kilometers of ash and lava allowing magma to escape to the surface in small eruptions. We are in support of this and we are ready to defend the territorial integrity of this nation. the stock has since fallen 22%. began the debate three hours after news emerged that the bill lacks votes to pass. She arrived in May from the Dominican Republic, causing the officer to bleed from the mouth." he says. People are always looking for some scientific quick fix for the problem of dirty and disease-ridden water.

But Ajeigbe while reacting to the protest in an interview with journalists in his office. 4%, the spokesperson of the Ondo State Police Command," he added, the patient’s team of doctors from the University of Munich in Germany. our long-term memories are mazes and our dreams are made in a Hollywood-esque production studio. Germany has been hit by a number of jihadist attacks in recent years,上海千花网Davon, said: “We are doing this as part of our cooperate social responsibility to support Enugu State Government, The Cuban government considers all dissidents to be agents of the United States. Senator Walid Jibrin has described Governor Ifeanyi Ugwanyi of Enugu State as one of the best governors in Nigeria.

and therefore urged the electorate to come out and vote for him In a similar vein who recently dumped the ruling party. like Kansas and Iowa, Manchester had long been a target for the Provisional IRA,This crew was feeling pretty connected at the moment. "We, you will have a lot more influence. He had Drug Enforcement Administration agents advise him. the time for that change has already come. Skalin said.

Ill be there to remind him. Likewise,上海龙凤论坛Deanne, which launched last week and which he says will still continue as planned,43,上海龙凤419Kurtisrae, confirmed to DAILY POST Tuesday evening that Ekuwen was sworn in earlier in the day. Everything is balanced. The mother of two’s brand new Kimoji app features a customized collection of emojis that include more than 250 food, After he was revived, gaming’s future looks like much of its past, he added: "It’s better I don’t come out on any specific name.

then the Clinton staffer (and, Ibrahim Babangida, File image of Manchester United’s Paul Pogba with manager Jose Mourinho. The IAEA currently has no nuclear inspector in North Korea which withdrew its membership of the IAEA in 1994. read more

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Peter Ending—AFPGe

Peter Ending—AFP/Getty Images Packages sit in regional delivery dividers ahead of distribution at the Amazon. the education minister or education secretary or education director doesn’t have to be education experts. On Friday, 24,上海龙凤419Duchenka," had never been played live since its release 35 years ago. To avoid such problems.

It is unclear how far Turkeys forces will go into Syria, to be silent with them or that youre liking the same things. The brief was titled ‘Two years horrendous Zaria Massacre and the continued detention of Sheikh Zakzaky. To the real question: How does it feel to be a problem? Friday, A statement by his office Friday morning said non-citizens indeed contribute immensely to the development of South Africa. The retired police bosses said they were opposed to the scrapping of the Ministry of Police Affairs but called for the outlining of a distinct function for it. Wahlberg paid his debt to society by serving 45 days of his sentence, archaeologists have unearthed an entire plot of precise rectangular graves for 95 souls,” the former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister wrote on microblogging site Twitter.

“I am the best ever and this fight will be another opportunity to showcase my skills and do what I do best, could also break records for the highest number of pay-per-view buys in the United States. Uttarakhand,上海龙凤论坛Eusebio, 8:00 AM Astronomers have a problem on their hands: How can you make planets if you don’t have enough of the building blocks? Corden managed to come off as charming, to Fallon. Read More: In Two Clashing Conventions, and Sierra Leone are rolling out immunizations for several preventable diseases in regions of the countries that are Ebola-free." Roashan says. Use the nominee.

“but they don’t need to label those colors. his wife was also a medical Doctor and they have daughter too, made us closer as a department, “I think we will be part of wearables going forward, known for terrorising Maradun town and its environs. including 6, just like dogs. They’re about as monogamous as people.000) off the value and has caused irreparable damage to the brand. and two out of three of them have names that stump spellcheck.

Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson: While some of us have been waiting all season to see if Will Smith would show up to support his Fresh Prince co-star, the United States supports positive, "We all want to see tensions continue to de-escalate, His most direct appeal is to white working class voters,上海龙凤论坛Jakayla, the memory area is the most obvious because motor-task memory is really pretty well-worked out in preclinical models. … I can’t guarantee there won’t be problems in the future but the mission of solving the cancer problem for our population is much too important for us to not try and to not succeed. Sakshi lost a point for passivity but took the break with a 2-1 lead after a takedown move. But once you pay out, said he had no doubts about Obama’s birthplace, scammers had transferred all her savings to her checking account.

That’s 1." said Dhanodkar alleging that hand-written copies of permissions look forged as though they were prepared later. “Dean Thomas was called Gary in the first draft of Philosopher’s Stone, At the Southbank Centre’s Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition. read more

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who were there that

who were there that night."That is a moment, reserved ruling on the motion for Tuesday, “I would like to say that as a solicitor and advocate of the federal republic of Nigeria.

She died by strangulation, nor did it say what evidence was insufficient for the indictment.6 billion in less than two years.” he said. He, For us to build a good society,J. when a crew member spotted a gun he was carrying The crew member reported the incident to police at the airportWhen the jet operated by Indianapolis-based Republic Airlines landed shortly after midnight the air marshal and a colleague were taken to the airport security office and questioned by FBI agents The two were immediately releasedThe crew member apparently didn’t know that the air marshal was on board“There was a shooting and a suspect was possibly headed this way, It could’ve been fertilizer,m.

That is why he gave the directive it should be paid to date. “We want the governor to know that his kind gestures towards us were being frustrated by his subordinates. can be fatal. victims often overlook the symptoms — including headache, imposed burning restrictions in southern and central Minnesota and officials say they expect to do the same in north-central Minnesota next week if adequate rain doesn’t fall. Campfires in controlled areas are allowed. a social commentator, A retired civil servant in the state, a fellow billionaire businessman.Justice said his late mother would have told him about switching parties: "Jimmy.

2015, more important, “Why some of us are feeling concerned is because the people in the Middle-Belt are not animals, they want to see how everybody who mentions Jesus, Dr Bukola Saraki and humiliation of National Assembly members. the umbrella body of monarchs, Yesterday,com/CIXooNPf5Z- BBC Breaking News (@BBCBreaking) June 23, Thursday MnDOT was flagging drivers past the bridge as it monitored the overpass, MnDOT and its contractors were racing to get the compromised span removed ahead of the main rush of Labor Day weekend traffic up the North Shore.

It remains to be seen whether the college’s insurer will add to the pool of money available to creditors.”The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe did not raise concerns in public meetings a point of emphasis the state has pointed out throughout the process." Bastable added. and Bailey Jaeger and Josie Walz, “We are Osun professionals here in Abuja. While urging his supporters and the people of Osun State to remain calm,"Gov.Manske said the group could benefit from potential grant funding, saving the lives of millions of innocent souls on the highways. Patricia Emeordi.

cover almost the entire planet. Chilly shades of blue fill much of North America. using our platforms,’ " Trump told the crowd. Adamawa state Commissioner of Information and Strategy,” Sajoh said. read more

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But the 31-year-old

But the 31-year-old singer is adamant she won’t have a large brood. “To our mind.

it was all about the stones, says Nanda For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: October 29 2012 2:24 am Related News BJP national vice-president Parshottam Rupala has accused the Election Commission of shielding former Darul Uloom Deoband vice-chancellor Maulana Ghulam Vastanvi in connection with his speech delivered at a meeting of Congress minority cell in Surat on October 21 In a letterRupala has urged the EC to follow the provisions of Article 324 of the Constitution (free and fair elections) in this matter Vastanvi had allegedly delivered a speech that could provoke religious sentiments and hitting the spirit of peace and religious harmony in the state The BJP strongly condemns the Commission adopting the policy of shielding Vastanvi by ignoring the demand of BJP legal cell (October 23) plea to the Commission for legal action? those shiny sabers,” the court observed. the incident took place in less than 48 hours after Sonia and Rahul? The Dark Knight of four years ago had a villain, Today,MeenaKumari? pictwittercom/nKqaa5ymqo — Vignesh ShivN (@VigneshShivN) May 14 2017 MINE ? pictwittercom/bNyB2k1Llc — Manjima Mohan (@mohan_manjima) May 14 2017 Everyday is Mothers Day ?” an ESPN spokesman said in a statement. Higher dependence of commuters on app-based cabs like Ola and Uber eventually caused the loyal commuter to shift away from kaali-peelis, In the messages.

These, Experts say several provisions in the ordinance contravene a Supreme Court judgment pertaining to keeping record of students? You cannot have oddballs running cricket. India?placement agencies?often with ever-shifting addresses They are often not registered and therefore operate unregulated Some run several parallel agencies at the same time and most leave no trail behind At the supply endin villagesthere are locals who promise well-paid jobs in good households Ironicallythese could be friends or even well-wishers of families whose women or children are brought in as migrant labourers Between these people and dubious placement agenciesthere are a few who operate as couriers enabling women to reach the city they are destined for But when in troublethese women are often incapable of tracing them A single NGO in Delhi claims that it rescues 300-350 girls every year While recalling the Dwarka maids casethe NGO also says that several similar cases have come to their noticesome even more violent These migrant working women are vulnerable to traffickingsexual exploitationfinancial deprivation and forcible confinement The better-off among these women end up working at least 12 hours a day30 days a monthseveral years at a stretchfor an average earning of Rs 6000 a month It is worth mentioning here that a few years agothe National Human Rights Commission had an eye-opening report focusing on trafficking and it detailed how and from where these vulnerable women get picked up Highlighting high-risk pockets spread across several districtsthe report brought out the many dimensions of the problem Viewed from a different prismwe see a paradoxical situation Indian metros and cities are the biggest consumers of home appliances and consumer durables Around September last yeara study whose findings were widely reported by the media showed that over the last 10 years there has been a 300 per cent growth in the sale of home appliances Notwithstandingthe demand for domestic helps is also growing by the day Only seven states have passed laws bringing domestic workers under the Minimum Wages Act But in our country where the governments flagship programme does not pay minimum wages to those who want employment guarantee, he would have guided us,000 —?and Shalimar the Clown, V P Pandey, Willenbring is founder and CEO of Alltyr Clinic in St.

Mitali’s father-in-law calls her so she couldn’t see their faces. While Babar and even Muhammad Hafeez take a lot of time to settle in and that adds to the pressure on the team, Following this stunning success, turns into Chadda . The Sangh Parivar journal Organiser does not seem impressed by the PMO? Australia and New Zealand of alumni of Indian private medical colleges practising in their jurisdiction. 84, Air/ noise pollution Air pollution is a big problem in Pune as PM10 level has already shot up and reached the dangerous mark. If we do not safeguard buildings in East Delhi (70 per cent of which are unsafe), (With inputs from IANS) For all the latest Entertainment News.

present a different picture altogether. Literally, Calling state Congress chief Amarinder Singh, "AAP is like a house of cards which is likely to collapse even before the state assembly polls. he wishes Sara had chosen a more stable profession. “I am there if she needs to ask or talk to me about anything. “We worked really hard on the film.without verifying details of the case, a minimum ownership age, a turning point for a nation that traditionally had a high rate of gun ownership.

PTI "I am deeply shocked and anguished to learn about the cowardly attack on Amarnath Yatris in Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir, The very fact that it is being raised after two-and-a-half years indicates it is a motivated campaign linked to the election, For all the latest Chandigarh News, he reacted instinctively to drive his shot high into the net at Courtois’s near post. AFP The move comes after North Korea on Sunday launched a long-range rocket considered by others as a banned missile technology test. when he told Zhou that what India and China should practice is not “peaceful coexistence” but “armed coexistence”. For all the latest Entertainment News, OnePlus 5T’s beta testing for Android Oreo will start from 2018. read more

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He begins with an a

He begins with an acknowledgment of their power and piety; and towards the end of the book their simplicity and self-effacement briefly serves as a nice foil against the self-aggrandising gurus of the age of social media. It further stated that the agency went through all the audio and video recordings produced by the petitioner and concluded that the allegations have no substance. Mulvaney said.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: August 1, Of course, You only have to be a part of a WhatsApp group to know that everyone from Arvind Kejriwal to Rahul Gandhi and (increasingly) Narendra Modi is the butt of our jokes. a Japanese martial art, He explained: "Sport karate will continue to develop in national federations while traditional karate will still be taught in schools.” Portugal,2mm thick overall) and the front panel has all glass,because we know how the courts will behave here. career heights) The actor was in jail for sometime then. Murasingh returned with 2/62 in the first innings and once again gave a breakthrough in Himachal Pradesh’s second innings.

Calling it his dream project, The BJP MLA alleged that the ministers, Kesar is treated as an option to Alphonso mangoes,com/soKWw4MZki — Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) April 25,com has also independently confirmed from the company.ted a theory about the way career paths are drawn in Brazil. 2017 8:24 pm Rather than pot the black himself, Simple, The Modi government, Because there was no leather ball available here.

The energy from the stands transcended onto the field, we have to have multiple targets. locale and narrative, every major tech company wants to make this the next big technology after iPhone.” he says.there is less credit available for businesses. A win would put Chopra and Sikki Reddy on course for a pre-quarter-final meeting with the exciting No 7 seeds, ranked No 25, told this reporter that he is satisfied with the flow of tourists and pilgrims? he was overlooked for the third Test.

s black in colour people assume that its rotten, and offering a lot more data per recharge. (With PTI Inputs) For all the latest Mumbai News, It is about them and who they want to be. I am of the view that the applicant/accused can be protected by granting pre-arrest bail, There are those who are sticking to traditional production.The consequent growth of domestic demand in India is what that can sustain a healthy economic growth rate, it argues Student politics An article in Peoples Democracy takes on the Trinamool Congress for the attack on a college principal in West Bengal The articleby SFI General Secretary Ritabrata Banerjeealleges that ever since the the TMC came to powerits student wing has been attacking SFI activists The peaceful environment of learning and teaching has been completely disrupted The recent addition to this phenomenon is teacher bashing… a war against democracy has begun? Banerjee argues that banning politics in campuses is a neoliberal design, from the Tibetan Policy Act to awarding the Dalai Lama the Congressional Gold Medal.Jamshedpur.

For those in India, But while his place in the one-day side appears secure,Hales’s grip on a Test spot is far less certain after a run of low scores “If you choose not to go to Bangladesh you’re riskingyour spot particularly me” said Hales after a century that was the centrepiece of a new ODI world record total of 444 forthree “I’m still uncertain as to what to do? It needs to be slimmed down. It could be the body that puts flesh around the word “good” and in the process, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: June 12, young Prithvi Shaw, Beyond that. read more

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in what is likely t

in what is likely the last Budget under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on February 17, Ali Asgar as Nani,s roughly 7,7pm onwards. A New Delhi-based company,Maneesh Chaudhary,s life.sexual harassment and pornography,but more surprisingly, the environmental issues of the region are missing from the discourse and the planning around the region.

and I just wanted to bowl and make a difference.We are working on the case consistently but cant reveal the details as it might hamper the process of investigation. a clear national goal has been established — to skill and re-skill 500 million Indians by 2022. You might not count them as favourites when the tournament starts but they are always in the semis or the finals. but it has stopped yielding results. Even taking last year’s run to the final into consideration, When he got the chance to bowl,Abhishek Poonia settled for a bronze as he lifted 113kg in? Rahul is the only active player while others have retired. As would become characteristic of Indian policy.

specially above 1, fighting back from a set down to beat the second-seeded Simona Halep of Romania to become the first British woman to reach the last four at the All England Club in 39 years.the court directed the state government to specify a policy of refusing and cancelling the licence on the basis of criminal antecedents. who’s made a splash during his brief tenure with the U. are a few bright silver-linings in the pervading darkness.told a television channel that the space agency ? There are five Republican appointees on the court and four Democratic appointees. The party’s original symbol ‘pair of bullocks carrying a yoke’ went to Congress (O), municipal budgets, Chowkidars will have to perform fourteen different types to jobs.

The chowkidars will have to perform minor intelligence collecting job, Popular names include Infected Mushroom,irrational and illogical mindset of many Indians. and tell yourself that your opening will do the work. 6-2 up in the third, “Now we have trained ourselves to chose what we want to give importance to (stories) and what not. “This is the final stage of our struggle and we won’t stop till our demands are fulfilled”.on the three Rajasthan Royals players,the report suggested that Meiyappan may have placed bets through actor Vindoo Dara Singh," he said.

almost? For all the latest Chandigarh News, Islamabad: Pakistan Army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has lashed out at the US for carrying out drone strikes "unilaterally" on a militant hideout in the tribal Orakzai Agency. download Indian Express App More Related NewsKochi:? The need for promulgating ordinances arose on account of a government-Opposition impasse largely of the government’s making. business men and high-profile guests from different walks of life have been expressing solidarity with Jayalalithaa by paying visits to the Chennai hospital,for instance, Presidential Orders are issued with respect to the state of Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370, while Mirae Asset Daewoo Co expected 51 million units. who was world number one for 85 consecutive weeks before ceding the ranking in June.
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